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How I Recreated that Famous Burger Commercial

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Cinematography & Filmmaking

Cinematography, edelkrone, Jib, motion controlled, product video, Slider

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I recreated that famous burger commercial using a DIY setup with finishing wire and some editing tricks. See how we made our own product video using the Edelkrone JibONE.

We all know the typical Burger ad where all the ingredients fall perfectly together to create a delicious looking burger. Normally you need a big budget but for today’s video we wanted to DIY it.

Burger Commercial

In this example and what they usually do is shoot with a robotic arm and a pneumatic system to control everything. Obviously this is really expensive so we used some fishing wire which you can release at the same time to make everything drop. Instead of the robotic arm for the camera we decided to use a tripod and keep a still frame. If you do want some camera movement I recommend you to add them in post.

Burger Commercial Behind the Scenes

For the burger falling together you see they didn’t use a wire to direct everything to the same point as we did. They dropped everything from a fairly low height so it wouldn’t bounce to much and would still stay together. They used some camera movement but I would again recommend to do this in post if you don’t have a robotic arm operation your camera.

Burger Coming together

I highly recommend to check out this video. You get a great look at the behind the scenes and how they started this whole process. Maybe this video can even give you different idea on how to create this DIY.


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Cinecom Complete Bundle

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