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Recreating the Camera Movements from BTS – DNA

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Cinematography & Filmmaking

Recreating the sick camera movements from BTS (Bangtan Boys – DNA using basic camera tools and editing tricks.

It’s that time again, let’s tackle some new trend in our weekly Copy Cat Friday Tutorial. In this video we took a look at a new sensation from South Korea, The Bangtan Boys aka BTS. They are a 7 member boyband, who are slowly conquering the world with their catchy songs. We don’t understand a word from what they are saying, but it’s still catchy! But lyrics aside, in their music clip they use very creative camera movements and in our tutorial we are going to explain how you can do similar movements.

BTS (Bangtan Boys) – DNA

As you probably know, there are a few classic camera movements. These are the basics for every filmmaker and are the perfect foundation for more advanced ones. A few examples for classic movements are the Tilt, Pan, Pedestal, Zoom, Handheld, Dolly, … Now if you want some more creative movements to wow the audience, you can start combining these. A perfect example for a combination is the Dolly Zoom. With this movement you zoom in or out with you lens while you move in the different direction with whole the camera. This will create an effect that will emphasize the subject being filmed. We also explain how you can recreate this in post production in our Editing Hacks Video

Another tip I can share with you is watch old movies. I just recently saw Seven Samurai from Akira Kurosawa from 1954. The movie really impressed me with what they could do in that time and with so little. Because they almost didn’t have special effect they were very creative with their storytelling and camera movements, something we could definitely learn from! Nowadays we want to much and don’t pay attention to the essentials and that is a good and compelling story and simple but clever camera work. You don’t need anything more for a good movie! Less is more.

Rocketstock Prism

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The music came from Premiumbeat and you can check out the song ‘Take the Plugne’ here.

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