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Saramonic MixMic – Audio Mixer and Microhpone Review

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Cinematography & Filmmaking

Audio mixer, Micmic, Review, Saramonic, Shotgun Microphone

The Saramonic MixMic is a two channel audio mixer plus shotgun microphone. It connects to your DSLR or camcorder for professional sound. Let’s do a review!

We got another interesting product in from Saramonic. This time we got a small audio mixer with included shotgun microphone. They call it the MixMic and it goes on top of your camera with the hot/cold shoe adapter.

The mixer had two XLR inputs which you can output over each stereo channel separate. Furthermore it had all the basic controls like audio gain, volume knobs and even a low cut (or high pass) filter. On paper it looks all very nice, but how does it really perform? We took it to the test!

One of the first things we noticed was the build quality which isn’t too good. The plastic housing makes it lightweight, but be careful not to drop it! As for the sound quality, we where pretty satisfied. In the video you’ll see several tests we did comparing the Saramonic mic against the Rode NTG-2. The Saramonic microphone of course did not perform the same, but it also didn’t perform that bad. For the price the mic actually did a great job.

The same goes for the mixer, which we tested against the very expensive Fostex DC-R302. By listening I wouldn’t notice too much difference, but of course the Fostex has some more options and can record in a higher bit depth for post production.

And finally we tested the deadcat windshield that came with the MixMic. It didn’t feel so qualitative as it’s not even fitting the mic so well, but surprisingly performed very well. This was in mint conditions of course. When shooting in extreme weather conditions I suggest something like the Rode Windshield.

Saramonic MixMic Purchase

The Saramonic MixMic will cost you $299 and can be purchased from our affiliate Amazon webshop.

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