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How to Shoot an Interview: 5 Tips for Beginners

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Cinematography & Filmmaking

Camera Positions, Interview, Sound recording

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From basic camera positions to better sound recording. Learn the basics of how to shoot an interview for beginners in this video tutorial.

As a filmmaker you are used to control every aspect and detail of your project. From lighting to sound to actors, everything has to be perfect. In interviews this can be different, 9 out of 10 you’re filming on location and this can lead to uncontrollable aspects like bad lighting or ugly bureaus. With some creativity and experience you can easily work around these aspects and come up with the best solution. But before you become a experienced interviewer, you have to start with the basics.

In this tutorial we explain the fundamentals on how to shoot a good interview. But of course the most important thing to start with are the questions. Your shots can be perfect and your editing smooth, if the questions are bad so will be the interview. Try to avoid yes or no questions, but ask open-ended questions. These will create better interaction and give more interesting responses. Preparations about who and why your interviewing them are crucial to make the interview work. So don’t go in unprepared.

Another good preparation, is to scout your location. The more you know, the less surprises you encounter on your shoot day. This will give you an idea what gear you have to take with you, like lighting, props, tripods, crew… But will also give you inspiration for your shots, being creative with your location and framing you subject. Communicating with your subject/talent can be a great way to minimize surprises as well. You can maybe make a checklist for them so they know what to wear, expect and some contact information.


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