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Shooting & Editing a Movie Trailer under 4 hours!

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Cinematography & Filmmaking

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Jordy & Yannick have to shoot and edit a blockbuster movie trailer on an epic voice over they received. Who made the best trailer? You can vote!

The old Movie Trailers

(Deep Voice) “In a world where movie trailers had epic voiceovers, the music so dramatic you had to keep watching. “

Well those days are over, the whole trend with epic voice overs for a movie trailer is long pasted. Back in the nineties and noughties almost every movie trailer had an Epic deep voice telling us of the dangers ahead. And believe it or not, but that epic voice you are hearing in almost every trailer is probably done by the legendary voice actor Don Lafontaine.

Voice Actor Don LaFontaine
Voice Actor Don LaFontaine

He did over 5000 movie trailers and even had a trademark line ‘In a world…,’. With his deep baritone voice Don LaFontaine could bring drama to the dullest movie trailer Hollywood had the offer.

After the Noughties the trend of dramatic voiceovers disappeared and made way for a new style of montage. The general trend now is to make a movie trailer that is actually a short film for the movie. Using the dialogue of the movie itself combined with some tense music, they create a story on itself. But it is still an ad for the movie of course.

Tyler the Creator at the Movies

And now it’s even got so far that the create teaser trailers. Which are actually a trailer for the trailer, it’s getting very inception like. And speaking about inception, do you know the typical Inception ‘Booom’ Sound? Well this also was a short trend in the movie trailer world and has even become a cliché.


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Cinecom Complete Bundle

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