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I made a Short Film about a Stupid Clothespin (Lockdown Challenge)

Published on

Cinematography & Filmmaking

Challenge, Short Film

Lockdown challenge: make a 60 seconds short film without actors. In this video, Jordy makes a short film about a stupid clothespin.

60 Seconds Short Film

While we’re still stuck at home, I had the idea to make a 60 seconds short film without actors or crew. Shooting all by myself, I had to come up with a story and an interesting subject.

Surprisingly it went smoother than I thought. I wouldn’t say my short film is going to win Oscars, but my girlfriend definitely loved it (and she’s brutally honest).

Jordy Short FIlm
Shooting the life of a clothespin in the studio.

The Story

Working with a stripped down version of the 3-act structure, I quickly came to a concept. Then it was just a matter of filling in the blanks and we had a story.

Since the story is about the life of a clothespin, I didn’t need to write dialogue. I was thinking about adding a voice over, but eventually I didn’t. The shots had to speak for itself. I found that a very interesting challenge for myself.

Visual storytelling is more important than ever with such a film. Definitely for something short like 60 seconds.

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2 thoughts on “I made a Short Film about a Stupid Clothespin (Lockdown Challenge)”

  1. Sorry – cannot watch this video. The pronunciation of clothespin is finger nails down a chalkboard. It is a clothespin, not a clothspin.

    • Would your rather he did the entire tutorial in Dutch, French, or German?
      All I know is that his English is a crap ton better than my Dutch! LOL
      I take it as a funny quirk and a reminder that English is an extremely difficult language to learn.


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