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5 tips to shoot amazing dialogue scenes

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Cinematography & Filmmaking

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Cinecom Complete Bundle
5 camera movements to make your dialogue scenes more cinematic. Tips and tricks to take your filmmaking and camera work to a professional level.

It’s another Creative Tuesday and we have something very cool for you in store. Something that will let you forget the super bad ending from Game of Thrones. Everybody has probably saw it by now and personally they couldn’t end the series more worse then they did now. But we will help you fill the hole Game of thrones left, with some very awesome motion controlled slider tips for dialogue.

Now you are probably thinking, motion control movement for dialogue? Is that really necessary? Well no, but it can really give the dialogues in your movie that something extra. As you know motion control movements are mostly used in the visual effects department. Here the can use the motion control to do the movement over and over again. And using every shot as different layers inside post production to create cool effects.

Well with dialogue it works more or less the same, but here you aren’t using the repetitive motion for effects but more for storytelling. Through the same motion you use for the speaking actors you can create a sort of connection. The motion you are using  is also part of the conversation and is speaking in a way on it’s own. Adding that extra feeling or atmosphere to the scene. Like we already said in an older video, camera movements help with storytelling.

Edelkrone motorized slider bundle
Edelkrone motorized slider bundle


Combine the SliderPLUS PRO Long and the HeadPLUS for a motorized slider bundle from Edelkrone. With this you can make instant cinematic shots. Complete your setup with the slide module and the focus module to gain complete control over your camera movements. And with the Laser Module you can take motion control to the next level with the handy automatic target tracking.

Cinecom Complete Bundle

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