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The 180° RULE Explained (and how to BREAK IT)

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Cinematography & Filmmaking

180 degree rule, Filmmaking, Tips and Tricks

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Learn to use the 180 degree rule, a basic film making guideline about on-screen relationship between characters and objects.

When creating videos there are many different rules to follow. These rules will make you films better and easier to understand for the audience. One of these important rules is the 180 degree rule. In this video we will explain how you can utilize this rule to your advantage and create a good cinematography for your film. The 180 degree rule is a guideline about relationships between characters and/or objects. For example, when filming a conversation between two actors you want to keep the actors from switching side all the time. This can be very disorienting for the viewer and distract them from the intent of the scene. That’s why you should always draw an imaginary line between you actors and stay on one side of it.

Like I said, there are many rules to film making. Understanding them all can really improve your films and lift them to the next level. That’s why we made an online course where we explain these rules. We take you from A to Z in our DSLR filmmaking course, explaining everything in detail. We have for example a chapter on framing and all the different ones you can use use to tell your story. In the pictures below you can see the 3 most known framings, but there are many more.

Long shot Kim
Medium shot Kim
Close-up shot Kim

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