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10 Tips to Shoot an Epic Fight Scene

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Cinematography & Filmmaking

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Learn how to create your own fight scene like Harley Quinn’s Birds of Prey. 10 Simple camera and editing tips & tricks!

Last week we all went to see Birds of Prey. The new DC movie about Harley Quinn and the vigilante girls known as The Birds of Prey. Our overall opinion about the movie wasn’t so great. The story was a bit poorly written but… the fight scenes. Wow. They made some amazing fight scenes which where really well choreographed. These scenes immediately drew our attention and thus we had to recreate them for our new CopyCat Friday video.

Birds of Prey

I took the roll of choreographer on me because I am a dancer (I also taught dance classes in the past) and I did martial arts when I was younger. I tried my best to recreate as much of the original choreography into our video. Of course we were much more limited because we don’t have professional stunt doubles or many months of training. But I think it all turned out just great. Did you know that Margot Robbie did most of her stunts herself? She wants to be the character as much as possible.

Harley Quinn

But enough about the choreo, let’s talk a bit about Harley Quinn. She already made two movie appearances now. Both in Suicide Squad and Bird of Prey. But did you know that she first debuted in Batman: The Animated Series in 1992? That’s right, she wasn’t created as a comic book character, she was created as an animated character. She started of as a cameo appearance for one of Joker’s acts but the audience loved her so much that they made her a more important character. One year after her debut, she got an entrance in the comic book series.

MSI Prestige 14

This video was supported by MSI and their brand new laptop; the Prestige 14. It’s a very stylish but super powerful laptop for those creatives who like something portable. Their pink edition with matching mouse and carrying bag is the perfect gift for your valentine 🙂

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