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5 Tips for an EPIC SPORT VIDEO

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Cinematography & Filmmaking

After Movie, Sports event, Tips and Tricks

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Use creative camera tricks to make a exciting sport event after movie. Tips on how to capture fast actions and how to tell a story of the event.

First of all I want to wish you all a happy New Year full of joy and creativity! Now the partying  is all done, we can start creating again. And of course we all made resolutions, like stop smoking or travelling more, but the most common resolution is sporting more. I even made this resolution! This corresponds perfect with our new video, where we explain how you can shoot a sports event. We give tips and tricks so you can capture your event and make an awesome after movie.

Sports games are always full of action, except when playing chess that’s more like mind action, so your video also has to have that action. Don’t just stay in one place with your camera on a tripod. Try to mix it up with some close-ups and different angles. This also means switching between lenses, using wide shots can really let the viewer relive that great day again. Combining the many angles and different focal lengths can make your edit more dynamic and more fun to watch.

Another thing you can do to make the video more intense is playing with your camera settings. We recommend to use a high shutterspeed, this will decrease the motion blur and the capture action better. And if you have the possibility I would definitely film in a higher frame rate and use slow motion. This can give that extra punch and emotion to the scene. In post production you can then use speed ramping in your edit. This can give a really cool effect and emphasize a movement.

What you also can do is think about camera transitions between your shots. When filming you can use the movement of your camera to connect two shots together. Where you make a certain movement on the end of a short and continue that movement on the beginning of your second shot. But you don’t always have to do that in camera, you can always do it in post with some special effects.

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