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What’s the best Camera Bag? (review)

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Cinematography & Filmmaking

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Comparison to find the best DSLR camera bag. Reviewing Tenba, LowePro, ThinkTank, Manfrotto and Sachtler. What is the best roller case bag?

We’ve been working close together with Tenba over the past months and came with a great idea to test their bag against 4 other competitors. As much as I love their bags, I was open for anything new. While we had the video discussion, I was very happy they told me right away to make an honest review. Yes!

Having no other experience with the other bags, I first tested them all out of different shoots. Instantly I noticed that all of these bags stand really close together, they all have their pro’s and cons. So in the end it’s really a personal choice, but that’s why we have this video for you πŸ™‚

The Score

Please don’t make a purchase right away after seeing the score below. Watch the video on the top of the page to get a real insight of HOW each of the bags scored in the categories.

Inside Paddingβœ… βœ… βœ… βŒβž–
Extra Compartments βœ… βœ… βž– ❌ βž–
Mobility βœ… βœ… βœ… βœ… βœ…
Tripod Holder βœ… ❌ βœ… ❌ βœ…
Accessories βœ… βž– βž– ❌ βœ…
Security βœ… βœ… βž– ❌ βž–

The Winner

Tenba did really well in the overall score. And I know this might sound obvious, but I hope the video will make this clear. Apart from the many compartments, they don’t really stand out in a specific category, but they also don’t fall in one. This makes it a great all-round bag.

Some of the other bags like LowePro and Manfrotto do have something that stands out more. Something that makes them unique. But those bags do come with other cons.

So it’s really a personal choice. What kind of work do you do? Which features would you need more?

Making the thumbnail for the camera bag comparisson video! #sachtler #Tenba #manfrotto #ThinkTank #Lowepro #Youtube

Een bericht gedeeld door (@jordyvandeput) op


Yeah, this bag needs its own title. Not because of how great the bag is, but of how much it disappointed me. It got a negative score in almost all the categories. It makes me doubt about myself. Did I looked at this bag wrong? Is it meant for something different? I don’t know! But comparing them to the other bags in line, I cannot recommend it to anyone.

The Bags

This list is in no particular order!

Tenba Bags

Thank you for sponsoring and providing all the bags Tenba! Check out their entire collection at!

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