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How to use a tripod like a pro with the Benro Aero 7

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Cinematography & Filmmaking

Benro, Tips and Tricks, Tripod

Learn how to use a tripod like a pro for your next travel video. Lighting and composition tips with the Benro Aero 7.

Next to the camera, the tripod is one of the most used film gear and essential to every creative filmmaker. When dealing with certain situations, a solid tripod is a must-have tool. If you’re using slow shutter speeds or are panning and tilting, it will help you eliminate camera shake and provide stable shots! However it can also limit your mobility and movements. But in this tutorial we explain dynamic and mobile tips & tricks with a tripod you can use when on the road.

There are many different sorts of tripods, one for every situation. Now it’s almost impossible to always buy a new one when filming something different. Finding a perfect all-around versatile tripod, that answers to all your needs isn’t easy. But maybe we can help with your search.

Benro Aero 7

In this video we use the Benro Aero 7 tripod to show our tips and tricks. The Benro is versatile, light weight, perfect for traveling and still great for professional use. Because it’s made from carbon fiber and you can fold it to a compact size, it’s the best travel buddy. It let’s you stay mobile without losing it’s ability to perform in the more heavy duty filming. Another plus is that it’s also a Monopod, you are able to unscrew a leg and attach the tripod head to this leg, thus creating a monopod. This gives you even more mobility, which is always handy on the road. Even with being so compact, is possible to go very high and very low with the Benro Tripod. Especially the low angle shots surprised me. It’s a tripod that goes great with a creative mind!

If you can’t get enough of creative tricks with tripods, we did some more in previous videos. So check it out if you want to learn more!

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