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TIPS when using SMOKE in your FILMS

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Cinematography & Filmmaking

Filmmaking, Tips and Tricks, Using cinematic mist

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In this video we share 5 tips when working with a cheap smoke machine. Create rolling mist, smoke curtains, fog effects and more. Add post production smoke effects for more control and dynamic video.

This video was made possible by Rocketstock’s videopack Fume.

The Mystery of Smoke

Did you ever notice when watching movies, they very often use mist? You’re probably thinking that mist can only be used in horrors or thrillers, But no! For example Steven Spielberg is the king of mist and uses it all the time in his movies. This is for many reasons, as mist can be a very useful tool in the film making business.

Movie E.T. : Empathizing light with mist
Movie E.T. : Empathizing light with mist

Mist creates a mysterious mood and atmosphere, perfect to create tension. And this makes it indeed very suitable for a horror or thriller. But it is also very handy to emphasize light. Because of the mist you can see the rays of the light, which gives that something special to your scene. However if you spread out you’re mist enough and use a softbox, you can create a glow which serve as a backlight. With smoke and light you can also create more depth in your scene and divide it in layers. Like in this example from the movie Alien

Movie Alien: creating depth with mist
Movie Alien: creating depth with mist


This video is sponsored by Rocketstock’s videopack Fume.  Featuring customizable smoke plumes, pipe burst effects, and more this collection will add a cinematic aesthetic to any project. These impressive assets are super versatile too. Easily incorporate them into footage or use them to enhance your motion graphics.

The music was provided to us by Premiumbeat, you can find the song here and the factory picture + clouds clip came from Shutterstock.

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2 thoughts on “TIPS when using SMOKE in your FILMS”

  1. Hi,

    Ik kijk al een tijdje naar jullie video’s, ik geniet er van en leer er heel veel van. Nu hebben jullie een rookmachine aangeschaft voor ongeveer 20 a 30 euro. Ik ben erg benieuwd welke dat is, de rook die er uit komt is namelijk erg goed en iets waar ik naar op zoek ben. Zou je willen delen met mij welke rookmachine en welke vloeistof jullie gebruiken?

    Blijf video’s maken! Ze zijn super tof en altijd creatief.



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