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Cinematic look with Household lights

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Lighting Tutorials

Cinematic Look, Household Lights, Lighting

Learn the 3 principles of professional lighting techniques to create a cinematic look with cheap household lights.

What up you guys, it’s Yannick here for and it’s Creative Tuesday!! Aaaah I always wanted to say that and why not now? Okay that was fun, but let’s get to business. It’s time again for some creative Tips and Tricks to help you improve your editing skills and workflow. This time we are tackling sometime really important, the lighting of your scene. And not just any lighting! We are going to explain how you can achieve a cinematic look with just the lights in your house. As you know light is a very decisive aspect of your film making. It tells a story on it’s on and can determine the mood and atmosphere of your movie. Using light in the wrong way can really effect your movie.

You probably know how hard it is to properly light your scene and create a cinematic feeling for your shot. And then you have the trouble of finding the correct lights, because professional lights are super expensive and who has that kind of budget. So we thought to ourselfs to help you with creating your cinematic look with just simple household lamps that you have laying around. In theory the lighting principles stay the same, but with household lamps you have to pay attention to the quality of the light. Some lamps can have a bad CRI, which means that they will have to much of one color in their light, like for example to green. Most of the times this won’t be visible for the naked eye, but when you start filming you can see how it casts a green tint over your subject. So try to avoid these lamps by checking them with your camera! However these lights aren’t completely useless, they can be perfect as back lights or even practical lights.


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