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Why 2021 is going to be a FAILURE

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failure, Short Film, vengeance

I’ve finally finished the edit of the short film, but I’m super scared to publish it. I want 2021 to be a failure and learn from you to grow as a creative.

The Short Film

Late 2018 we started with the pre-production of a short film called ‘Vengeance’. In April 2019 everything was prepared and we could start shooting. Unfortunately the editing never finished.

This short film is the hardest project I’ve ever worked on. Not only because it’s super hard edit because of the complex story, but also because of a disconnect I had with the film. My biggest mistake was to do the production and eventually I barely did any creative task.

So I decided to do the editing, color grading and lead the VFX. For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been taking some time off from YouTube to focus on this short film and finally finish it.

Jordy Editing Short Film
Jordy Editing the Short Film

Failure in 2021

To me, the short film is already a success. I’ve learned tremendously from this project and I feel confident about it. However, I have no idea how the internet is going to respond.

Publishing this short film will be the first time I’ll publish a work of which I don’t know what it will do. It could be a failure, and if that’s the case, then it’s ok. Failing is the only way to grow as a creative. You need the feedback in order to learn from your mistakes and become better at what you do.

Of course I hope the film will be a success, but working on this project did opened my eyes. This year, I want to make more of such films and videos. Projects that are more daring and having a higher chance of failure, which will benefit me in the long run.


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3 thoughts on “Why 2021 is going to be a FAILURE”

  1. Looking forward to see you project. Just remember, anyone can start a project but a much smaller number of people ever finish their project. So, just finishing it is a win!

  2. I started a short film – 7 or 8 minutes long, was the plan – in 2010. However, by 2015 it was almost 45 minutes long! Part of that was it was so much fun hanging with film buddies and constantly adding scenes, but a good part of the delay was what you said above – I was worried people would hate it. (Also, I might add, I had never made a film before – of any length.)

    In fact, one of the first people I showed it to (a very good friend of many years) said “You know how Tarantino buried his first film and let no one see it? Do that with your film.” That was hugely discouraging. But mostly people liked it. I finally put it on Amazon Prime, and soon will (probably) put it on YouTube to get even more eyes on it.

    I would love to see your film!


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