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1 Advice for an Awesome 2019

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2019, new year

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The Sri Lanka funding, studio upgrade, the short film, Iceland travel video and so much more I’d like to talk about. In this quick new year’s video I’d like to highlight some of the channel stats and simply share some thoughts for 2019.

Happy New Year everyone! You’ve probably heard it too many times, so I’m gonna rub it again; I wish you all the best! From now on, every person you meet is gonna be awkward until the end of January. If it’s a close friend or family member you simply go for the three kisses and say ‘best wishes to you’. But where do you draw the line? Lets say you have a meeting with a client. Do you go for the three kisses as well?

2019 is gonna continue for Cinecom. There will be new Copy Cat Friday’s and fun Creative Tuesdays like always. A while back we did put up a survey, which gave us a ton of feedback. We’ll definitely use that feedback to further develop our content. However, one thing I do want to pay attention to more in the new year is to make more content that we love to make.

We have big plans of upgrading the studio with sets and lighting, which for us is important to further explore the world of cinematography. This will take up a lot of time, so we’re probably gonna do some behind the scenes of building it all for a Tuesday video. But I don’t think you guys would mind 😉

Enjoy the new year and make the best of it!

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