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The most amazing deal of the year

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5Daydeal, Bundle, Collection

5 DAY DEAL is a collection of training courses, LUT’s, stock footage and more. For the next 5 days you’ll get 96% off the entire bundle.

I’m very honored as a contributor to be part of this amazing group. Twenty industry experts like cinematographer Shane Hurlbut and Denver Riddle from Color Grading Central have added their knowledge in this bundle. This goes from training courses to e-books, LUT’s, film grains and more.

The normal bundle price is $2400, but for the next 5 days ONLY you’ll get an amazing 96% off, which means you’ll only pay $97. This is nothing if you see what you’ll get in return. On top of that 10% of the total profit also goes to our charity partners, which you can find more information about on 5 day deal.

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