Announcement: CineBattle Season 1

Promotional video for CineBattle Season 1. In this show, Jordy and Yannick take it up against each other in fun filmmaking challenges and games.

During the summer we tested a new format on our second channel ‘Cinecom RAW’. On this channel we try out new things and collect feedback from our core audience. One of the experiments where 5 episodes of a series we call CineBattle.

In this series Jordy and Yannick take up a ridiculous filmmaking challenge in a given amount of time. These can go from sound designing a famous movie or filming with a children’s camera. You, the viewer can then chose who created the best video.

The new format was a huge success in our opinion, so we decided to bring it to the official Cinecom channel.

Season 1

As of 7 November 2018 we’ll be publishing 8 episodes, the first season of CineBattle. We’re very happy to collaborate with Squarespace to bring you guys an amazing show! As of today you can get an exclusive 10% discount at Squarespace and start designing your own website.

2 thoughts on “Announcement: CineBattle Season 1”

  1. I have seen your videos 10 to 20 times. I am a real fan of your channel. I wish that such a big channel wiuld be subscribing my very small channel and comenting the videos of my channel. Once such a thing happens don”t worry, I will be most enthusiastic and motivated to upload videos….

    A critical fan of and Jordy.


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