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The Biggest Announcement ever: The Future of Cinecom

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Complete Cinecom Bundle - Now 94% OFF!
Cinecom will enter a new age. This announcement is about the biggest step (risk) we’ve ever taken and it’s all your fault (thank you)!

The Dream

Although this blog is not about entrepreneurship, I do believe the next big think for Cinecom is worth sharing. Whether you make film, grow a business or even raise your kids. In any of those ‘projects’ we have a dream, a dream of accomplishing something.

This accomplishment takes up a lot of work, some luck and support from those around you. Today I can proudly say that I’ve reached a child’s dream. A dream that has become reality and that I’m super grade full for!

The Studio

At the moment it’s just one big empty hall, but hopefully we can have our studios ready by the end of the year. The idea is to create multiple studio in which we can create our Youtube episodes and a big open space for product showcases and setups.

Once the studio is done we’re planning to share it with other Youtubers, to give them the same chances I got. We’ll make another announcement about it once everything is done.

Cinecom Studios
The empty hall

The Sponsors

This big leap forward for Cinecom is not just because of some videos we made, but because of the amazing audience the channel has! Without you, the community, none of this was possible. Having such a great community lead to having sponsors which helped us financially to get this studio. One of the sponsors is PremiumBeat, who has also taken care for the music in the video gain: Liam Aidan – Let’s Make It

Complete Cinecom Bundle - Now 94% OFF!

9 thoughts on “The Biggest Announcement ever: The Future of Cinecom”

  1. CONGRATS MENG!! Been watching you for a long time already all the way from ARUBA!! Very happy for you, and ready to see more awesome videos that you make! Again congrats! and nicely done!

  2. WOW!!!! Congratulations Jordy and the new Cinecom team! I’m so impressed and am proud to have been able to work with you. Looking forward to seeing where you take this!


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