Welcome to October 2015, a date that will go in the history books as the “real” launch of Cinecom. In the past half year we’ve been setting up everything and going over the future plan. We have been doing this publicly to gather reactions that helped us define the goals of this project.

It might confuse some people that have been following us for a longer time. To those people we proudly link to our about page where you can read the full history of this project.

Premiumbeat - Music Library


What does this mean for Cinecom?

Well, for us it mean a lot more work. Hosting such a project is not only about making new content but also managing. We are spending much time, effort and money into Cinecom. If we want to keep doing this, we must also find ways to make revenue from it. In other words we are managing a business with a future plan. This is highly needed if we would like to keep this project alive and growing.

And what about the users?

We’ve had tons of great responses from you guys. And seeing that made us realize how much you like our content. Unfortunately we haven’t been very active on the front side. But that will change as from now. We’re planning new videos every week, more downloads and courses in the future.


And to kick it off: here’s our first Youtube trailer video: