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the last creative tuesday

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2020 has been a rough year for many. I don’t want to complaint, but I do need to follow my hearth. Next year I want things to change and find back my passion for filmmaking.

How it Started

On November the 6th, I decided to upload every Tuesday. Later this series was named ‘Creative Tuesday’. It’s idea was simple: share a tutorial video about filmmaking techniques or video editing.

At the time I graduated from film school and had already worked on many projects for various clients. There was a ton of information and experience in my mind that I wanted to share with the world.


Today I feel exhausted. I honestly don’t know what tutorial to make anymore. I mean, I can continue with producing tutorials for many years, but making tutorials that I feel passionate about has faded.

In the past couple of months I’ve been thinking a lot about this and trying to figure out what’s wrong with me. And I believe that I’m not exhausted with making YouTube videos, but with having a schedule of ‘needing’ to make tutorials.

Tutorial Videos

When I start to work on a new Creative Tuesday tutorial video, I think of different tips and tricks that I could share. At this point, I have shared everything I know. And this is what makes me feel so bad.

I’m at a ceiling and it’s time to break through that ceiling. It’s time that I go out and learn new things by experimenting, failing, challenging myself and most import; not limiting myself.

heading into 2021

In 2021 I want to work on various of video projects like short films or film experiments. Projects that don’t always succeed, projects that don’t always have an educational value. I want to show the creative process behind these projects and hopefully inspire those who chose to watch.

I wish you all happy Holidays, stay safe, but most importantly; Stay Creative!

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11 thoughts on “the last creative tuesday”

  1. I never erased any of your emails…
    Just like an essential “nice to have” gift.
    Thank you very much for inspiring, and creating our progressive learning much funnier.
    Thank you for spending time as hell on all these productions,.
    Thank you for making stuff, and share stuff.
    You gave us more than anyone of us could ever ask!
    Thank you guys!

  2. Thank you !!!!! to you and your team. I really enjoyed you Tutorial Videos they were GREATLY APPRECAITED. You help me become more creative.
    Gabe – New Jersey USA

  3. Jordy,
    I’ve greatly enjoyed you guys over the years and have learned a lot from you. But I totally get how something can turn into a grind, especially during this hectic year! I’m glad you’re going to change things up and recharge those batteries. An artist needs to do that in order to keep one’s passions.

    I look forward to seeing what 2021 has in store from Cinecom and I wish you and the rest of the guys a very merry holiday and a well deserved time off.

    -Ed in Washington, USA

  4. Jordy,

    Your tutorials have helped me immensely over the years. Thank you for every second you put in to them. Enjoy your new found freedom. I look forward to following along with your new creative journey.

    Mechelle – California, USA

  5. We blijven jullie volgen. Ongelooflijke wijze bende creatieve topgasten. Ga op eigen tempo en inzicht verder, maar meest belangrijke: Stay Creative in het werk en blijf Gezond in het leven. Geniet van de rust de volgende dagen…

  6. Helemaal begrijpelijk Jordy,
    Het is je gegund en het houd je ook geloofwaardig.
    Dank voor zoveel inspiratie de afgelopen jaren
    Ik heb er ontzettend van genoten en blijf jullie volgen
    Heb een paar fijne weken met je geliefden en alle goeds in 2021.
    Hartelijke groet
    Silvolde Nederland

  7. You guys rock! I work for a TV station editing commercials. I want to put out the best product every time I edit, but sometimes the grind gets to me and it’s all I can do to just get it done and out the door! That isn’t conducive to creativity. So, I understand the need to take a breath and reevaluate your situation and come up with a new way to stay creative and fresh. Keep up the good work whether it’s weekly or monthly or whatever you need.

  8. I have always enjoyed your tutorials and always learned something new. You need to follow your heart and do what is best for you. Best wishes to you.

  9. Jordy,

    I think that it’s excellent (and frankly, necessary) to evaluate one’s needs and wants regularly. I’m happy for you that you’re listening to yourself and making changes based upon that little voice inside. I’ve spent several years watching your videos, and I greatly appreciate what you’ve given so freely to the community that you’ve created here.

    Happy Holidays and my best wishes for a fulfilling 2021!!

    ~Penny in Massachusetts USA


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