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my last copy cat friday

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Copy Cat, Speech, talk

Jordy no longer hosts Copy Cat Friday and here’s why. Copy Cat is a weekly series in which Cinecom recreates the visual effects from famous films and series.

Nobody starts a YouTube channel with the idea to grow big. I uploaded my first video to YouTube in August of 2007. It was a video about how to create and animate titles in Adobe Premiere Pro. Without knowing I already started what would become Cinecom today.

A couple of months later I would upload another video and when I had some spare time or got bored, I would make another video. Not looking at the amount of views or subscribers, I just did something.

It took me until the summer of 2015 to finally realize that there might be potential in the channel. I had just hit 10,000 subscribers and decided to upload weekly from that moment. Having this upload schedule meant I had to think about  content, branding and a little bit of management. Exactly 1 year later I celebrated having 50,000 subscribers and was able to hire Yannick to come and help me on YouTube.

It was at this moment that my YouTube channel turned into a business.

Cinecom 50k subscribers
Celebrating 50K Subscribers on August 25, 2016

YouTube as a Business

YouTube is seen as a platform where anyone can upload videos and share with the online world. In essence that’s true, but it’s not just ‘anyone’ who appears on the Home page of YouTube. Most channels with a certain amount of following turn into a business, meaning they hire people, invest in equipment and space. At this point it’s not about the videos you create anymore, it’s about managing your business as well.

Creative people are usually not the business type kind of people. My parents where never self-employed, neither did I ever see anything in my surrounding about entrepreneurial. This makes it extra challenging to figure things out. But the more you try, the more you learn.

9 thoughts on “my last copy cat friday”

  1. Respect for your decision! I also run a small business and know how difficult it is to give tasks. But it is necessary. All the best from Hamburg for the future! Stefan Ps. Great job!

  2. I need help putting the transitions on my video. Its not scaling right even though I click “Scale to frame size” Can anyone help?

  3. Copy cat Friday is what help me learn to utilize my Adobe products. I will greatly miss it and I wish you well on your next endeavor.

  4. I have loved the videos produced for YouTube and will miss regular content if that’s the case. Wish Jordan all success in future productions.


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