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Shimoda Adventure Camera Bag

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Cinecom Complete Bundle

The Shimoda Explore camera bag system was born as a result of the pain, fatigue, and suffering we and our adventure photographer friends inevitably found ourselves facing in the mountains.

Shimoda Adventure Camera Bag

Fully customize your shooting experience. 

Both the Explore 40 and Explore 60 backpacks utilize modular Core Units and multiple sizes of Accessory Cases to let you fully customize your shooting experience, not only to your specific gear requirements, but to the terrain ahead of you. They can be combined to create over 10 different configurations to satisfy numerous gear carrying needs. Whether you’re camped out waiting for an epic moment or touring up a crevasse-riddled glacier, our system allows you to choose the most efficient camera access for the situation, even on the fly.

Shimoda Bag Access

Shimoda packs have three key frame features

  • The torso height is adjustable, providing a custom fit for every photographer.
  • They have an internal 6061 T6 Aluminum frame to comfortably distribute the load of heavy gear.
  • The unique shoulder strap design helps balance weight across your chest.
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