About 2 months ago we released Simple Titles, a free to download designer pack for Adobe Premiere Pro. This download contains 10 animated text presets which are easily adjustable.

These presets were designed in Premiere Pro CC 2014, the latest version of the editing application. After the launch, we received quickly messages from our users telling us the project file was damaged. Later was clear that project from version CC 2014 could not be opened in earlier versions that these users had. Quickly we tried to convert the project file, but that was impossible. Simple Titles had to be completely re-build in CS6!


We do not make any profit out our free downloads, but we do want to show that we care about our beloved followers! And therefore we are proud to present the CS6 and CC 2013 version today. Many hours went into the production of this designer pack and we share it with lots of love.

Download Simple Titles for Premiere Pro C6, CC 2013 and CC 2014

This also made us realize that making templates comes with a responsibility to keep it up to date with the software. Perhaps we’ll need to update it again when a future update doesn’t support it no more.

Simple titles is a bundle of 10 title templates for Premiere Pro. The titles are pre-animated and easy adjustable with the help of an included tutorial video.