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VENGEANCE – Short Film

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Short Film, shortfilm, vengeance

The film is currently not available as we’re participating in various film festivals

The Long Waited Short Film

Around the summer of 2018 we decided to hold a competition where everyone could submit a scenario for a short film. We would then turn the winner’s scenario in an actual movie.

Eric Toms was picked as the winner but because the project turned out bigger than expected, we also asked him to direct his own scenario. We flew him over from Los Angeles in April 2019 to shoot the entire film within 7 days.

We had total budget of $5,000, mostly going to actors and props, which was self funded by Cinecom. Luckily we had many volunteers that came to help us out during and after the production. People from around the world helped make this project possible, which we are super thankful for!

Being a community driven project, it shows that passion can bring together a beautiful film which we are very proud about.

On the Film Set of Vengeance
On the Film Set of Vengeance

The Post Production

Jordy Vandeput: We are now exactly 2 years further since the film was shot and the edit is finally complete. I spoke in an earlier video on YouTube why the post-production is taking so long.

Long story short; I was forced into the role of the producer due to the scale of the project. This lead to having a disconnected feeling towards the artistic aspect of the film. I wanted to do the editing myself, but having that negative feeling, I struggled a lot and postponed.


The inspiration for both the story and art direction came from Netflix series ‘Black Mirror’. The near future and highly realistic Sci-Fi elements make you think about the current world we live in.

And that’s exactly what we wanted to try as well; let the viewer wonder. Vengeance is actually a very simple story, but the way it presents itself makes you think about the rapid growth of technology and what impact it might have on everyday situations.

Sid in Vengeance
Sid in Vengeance


It’s been one hell of a ride, but we’re proud. We are proud to share our sort film and showcase the hard work from the many people that made this possible. Enjoy the film 🙂

3 thoughts on “VENGEANCE – Short Film”

  1. Very cool! Love the twist of him getting back in the tank willingly. Great production value all around! Top notch acting by your male lead. Awesome idea, fantastic execution!

  2. Black Mirror always leaves me feeling kind of hopeless about the future, and yours was right in there. But well produced and acted. Congrats.

  3. I have seen vengeance… I must really say it’s a top notch, it totally display the art of story telling… Not too direct but very explanatory with any narration… Awesome guys!!! Kudos… Jordy I’m proud of you 😀😀😂😂😂 great work.


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