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Elements of the Faroes

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Cinematography, travel video

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Filmed in the Faroe Islands, we made an Avatar (Last Airbender) inspired travel video. A cinematic artwork with VFX of the four elements.

Faroe Islands Traveling

I’ve been to Iceland many times before, but the Faroe Islands was new to me. I thought traveling to it would be similar, but it appeared to be very different.

The Faroe Islands is one of those rare places where not many visitors come. I would even say we didn’t see more than 10 in the entire week that we stayed. For making a film there, that’s a blessing as you don’t want tourists in your shots.

On the flip side, it’s not easy to find nice places and spots as there aren’t fancy parking lots or signs to guide you around. Luckily we had Carlos with us, who knows the Islands inside out. Not only he guides us, but also took care of some beautiful drone shots and all the behind the scenes.

Film Crew - Elements of the Faroes
Livio, Carlos, Ellen and Jordy wearing the Hollyland Solidcom C1

The four Elements

Cosplay artist Luna Black a.k.a. Ellen made 4 beautiful customs for Water, Earth, Air and Fire. She went with us on the trip and appears as the talent in the film.

It was beautiful to see how she studied the movements of the four elements. It brought the whole video to a whole new level and helped me to tell a story rather than only showing some landscapes.

Faroe Islands Crew
Ellen, Livio and Carlos in the Faroe Islands


This project was not possible without our beloved sponsored! A special thanks goes to MSI and their Creator Z17 Laptop, Hollyland’s Lark M1 Audio System, Lickd’s Mainstream Music and Filmconvert’s Color Grading Plugins

Jordy Vandeput Camera
Jordy Vandeput Filming on the RED Digital Cinema Camera
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