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Unreal Engine Tutorials

3D scanning, being a stuntman, unreal engine 5

Cinecom Complete Bundle
Learn how to scan yourself with the AI tool Avaturn and make amazing 3D animations super fast in Unreal Engine 5

3D scanning

3D scanning technology has revolutionized the film industry in recent years. Allowing for more realistic and detailed special effects and digital doubles. With the ability to create highly detailed 3D scans of both objects and people. Filmmakers can now bring new levels of realism and immersion to their productions.

3D scanning a statue
3D scanning a statue

An application of 3D scanning in film is the creation of detailed and realistic special effects. By scanning real-world objects, filmmakers can create highly detailed and accurate digital versions of those objects. Which they can use in place of the real-world objects in certain scenes. This can be particularly useful for creating realistic explosions, natural disasters, or other large-scale effects. Additionally, with 3D scanning we can create digital environments and sets. Again allowing filmmakers to shoot in a virtual world with more flexibility in terms of camera angles and set design.

A simple 3D scan of Yannick animated to dance
A simple 3D scan of Yannick animated to dance

But one of the key benefits of 3D scanning in film is the ability to create digital doubles. These are highly detailed and accurate digital versions of real actors. This can be particularly useful for scenes that involve stunts or other dangerous activities. It allows the actors to be replaced with their digital doubles without putting them in harm’s way. Additionally, digital doubles can be used for motion capture, allowing actors to interact with computer-generated elements in real-time.


One company at the forefront of this technology is Avaturn. Avaturn specializes in 3D scanning people and turning them into Next-generation avatars that are highly realistic. Their process begins with 3 simple pictures of the face, making the process super easy and instant.

Once the scanning of the model is complete, we can customize the avatars to suit the specific needs of the project. One of the key benefits of using Avaturn’s 3D scanning technology is the level of detail and accuracy that is possible. The avatars they create are incredibly lifelike, and we can use them in a wide range of applications. Whether you’re looking to create a game character, a virtual reality avatar, or a digital double for use in film and television, Avaturn’s technology can deliver the results you need.

Avaturn: Customize an Avatar
Avaturn: Customize an Avatar

In addition, Avaturn’s technology is also very fast and efficient. The 3D scanning process is quick and easy. And the final avatar is ready in a matter of seconds, rather than weeks or months. This makes it a great choice for projects that are on tight deadlines.

create your own avatar

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