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Filmmaking is about to change: 2023 trends you Need to know!

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Video Editing

Filmmaking, Tips and Tricks, Trends

These are the 2023 filmmaking and video editing trends, learn about the new techniques and stay up to date as a video creator.

Throughout the years of my film making career, I have seen a lot of trends come and go. Some are better then the other. Like do you remember when everybody was using glitch and zoom transitions? That was crazy. But eventually the classical film making techniques always seem to come back.

Everybody loves to see cinematic shots. Shots that make you watch in awe. But we all know that if you only show cool shots, that your video won’t be that great. Every video needs a good story, that’s why Storytelling is going to be one of the main trends in 2023.

Now something else we noticed, is that the editing style is changing a lot. A few years back everything was flashy, with transitions and what not. But nowadays editing is more clean. Every cut, every zoom has a purpose. Everything in the edit needs to contribute to the storytelling.

ChatGPT Generating After Effects Expressions
ChatGPT Generating After Effects Expressions

Now speaking of contribution, A.I. will take over 2023. Mark my words! In an era where you need to produce high quality videos as fast as possible you need all the help you can get. And film making A.I. tools will help with that. In the last year the amount of A.I. tools skyrocketed, some good and some not so. But still, if you have a few good ones, your workflow can improve significantly.


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