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Premiere Pro Workspace: How to Organize

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What’s the best way to organize?

Although there isn’t really a right or wrong answer creating your own personal Premiere Pro workspace is something that you have to decide for yourself but try to keep it as clean as possible.

A clean workspace makes you more productive since you can find everything you need way faster. You can drag panels around, delete certain panels that you never need or you can add specific panels that you really want in your workspace.

If you are working on multiple monitors that I recommend using the source program panel on one monitor and all your other panels on the second monitor.

Color Grading Workspace in Premiere Pro
Color grading workspace

Whenever you create a new workspace, don’t forget to save it. You can always create multiple workspaces. I also find this way more practical to switch between an editing workspace, a colorgrading workspace and a workspace where I can mix the audio.

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Whenever you create multiple workspaces, also try to keep the workspace toolbar clean, delete the ones that you never use.

Premiere Pro Workspace Menu
Workspace menu in Adobe Premiere Pro

Can you teach me more about Premiere Pro?

Of course we can!
We will not only be posting weekly ‘basic’ videos on our YouTube channel, but we also upload complete courses on Skillshare. You can find these online courses on our website or on Skillshare.

We have courses about Premiere Pro, After Effects, Lighting, Lumetri in Premiere Pro, Camera Framing and so much more. We make these courses fun and educational, straight to the point and without any bullshit.

It’s the perfect way to get started in Adobe Premiere Pro.

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