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3 Tools To Edit Faster in Premiere Pro

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editing workflow, rate stretch tool, ripple edit tool, roll edit tool, toolbar

Let’s talk about some of the handy tools we can find in the Toolbar which will ease up your editing workflow.

Ripple Edit Tool

The first tool is the ripple edit tool (or B on your keyboard). This is an ideal tool for stitching two clips who have the same action, make the edit more smooth. It only works on the edge of an edit, not in the middle of a clip. What you can do with this tool is changing the in- or out point of a clip without affecting the adjacent clip.

In the program monitor you will see two screens, which makes it super easy to match two shots. Now if you have adjusted the length of a clip it will create a gap between those clips so you will have to ripple delete to stitch them together.

ripple edit tool
Ripple Edit Tool

Roll Edit Tool

The second tool is the roll tool (N on your keyboard). This tool moves the edit point between two clips without affecting the rest of the timeline. It basically shortens one clip and lengthens the second one. This is a useful tool when your editing in a big timeline and want to adjust some shots in the middle of the edit.

Pressing V and holding CTRL will create an automatic roll-and-ripple tool whenever you hover over a cut. Left or right of the cut will make the cursor the ripple tool, hovering on the cut itself will make it the roll tool, super useful!

Rate Stretch Tool

Lastly is the rate stretch tool, or R on your keyboard. With this tool you can alter the speed of your clips, making it either faster or slower. You can see how much you speed your clip up of slow it down with the percentage that is shown on the clip. Another way of speeding a clip up is by right clicking and choosing ‘speed/duration’, you can click on ripple edit here which will stitch your timeline immediately after you apply the speed up.

rate stretch tool
Rate Stretch Tool


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