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Fast Cutting in Premiere Pro

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add edit, fast cutting, razor tool, snap to playhead

Learn how to fastly add cuts in your timeline with two simple tools and some tricks in this beginner Adobe Premiere Pro tutorial.

How to cut fast in premiere pro?

Well it’s super simple to make a lot of cuts really fast in Adobe Premiere Pro, the toolbar has this tool called the Razor Tool (C on your keyboard). And this allows you to cut wherever you cut in your timeline. If you press S (or enable snapping in the timeline) you will be able to make a cut that is snapped to your playhead, which allows you to cut really fast in your timeline.

Another way to cut your video or audio clips is by using the Add Edit shortkey (CTRL + K on your keyboard). This will allow you to add a cut without clicking with your mouse. It applies a cut wherever your playhead is located.

Cutting on multiple tracks

With both the Razor Tool and Add Edit method it is possible to cut multiple clips that are above one another in different tracks. By holding the shift key you will see the line of your cut going through all of the tracks. And that’s a great way to edit your videos super fast.

If you want to learn even more tools to edit faster, check out our video about the roll edit, ripple edit and rate stretch tool.

snap to playhead
These arrows indicate that you snapped to your playhead in the timeline

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