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The BEST Editing Tools in Premiere Pro

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edit tools, fast editing, slide tool, slip tool

Learn about the best edit tools in Adobe Premiere Pro, the slip and slide tool. And speed up your editing workflow in this beginner tutorial.

Slip and Slide Tools

Slip tool

In my opinion there are a lot of great and useful tools to edit with in Premiere Pro but the slip and slide tools are by far the most useful. Imagine you have been editing for a while and you’re scrubbing through the edit but notice that a specific shot has an action which isn’t really great. You know that in the same shot you did a second take of that action. So in theory you should head back into the source, replace the in and out point and place it back in the timeline. But that’s a whole lot of work.

With the slip tool (Y on your keyboard) you can click and drag the clip, this will give you 4 screens in your program monitor. The upper screens indicate the end frame and begin frame of the clips that are next to the clip you’re editing. The bottom screens are the begin and end frame of your selected clip. What you are basically doing with this tool is scrubbing through the clip itself, replacing the in and out point. Super useful!

program monitor overview
Program Monitor Overview

Slide Tool

The slide tool (U on your keyboard) slide the clip and changes the duration of the adjacent clips. Again you will see 4 screens in your program monitor. The 2 top ones are the in and out point of you clip, these will not change. The bottom ones indicate the out point and in point of the adjacent clips. Once again, a super useful tool inside Premiere Pro!

Believe me when I say that these tools will speed up your workflow a lot.

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