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Camera Tricks from Music Video BLACKPINK

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Camera Tutorials

Black Pink, Camera Movements, Copy Cat friday, DIY, k-pop, list of 5, Tips and Tricks

Recreating the stunning camera tricks & transitions from the Blackpink – Ddu Du Ddu Du music video. We’re only using a slider, tripod and basic editing tricks to recreate the famous camera movements from kpop.

What’s up you guys, we are back again for another Copy Cat Friday. As you know we are always looking for trends that we can recreate for you guys. This week we are again looking at a famous K-pop band named Black Pink and their song Ddu Du Ddu Du. These days K-pop is taking over the world, with BTS leading the way. We previously did two tutorials about the camera movements from BTS and the transitions from Twice. If you are a K-pop fan, I would definitely check them out.

Building the Set

As you can see in the K-pop videos, they always have magnificent and colorful sets. They are an art on their own. That’s why we decide to recreate it, but on a budget. In the BTS tutorial we also painted our movable walls in the same colors as in their video clip. But this time we doing it bigger and really building a set. It’s all really DIY and on budget, but you can see the resemblance with the Music video clip from Black Pink. We decided that the set from first shots was the coolest, maybe it’s not the easiest, but it doesn’t always has to be easy. You can really do a lot with some logical thinking and some wood!

Set From Black Pink
Black Pink

The Camera Movements

In the meantime we have analysed multiple K-pop clips and one thing that really stands out are the camera movements. They always use a lot of movement and they use them correctly. I’s not that those movements are to much and thus irritating. No, on the contrary, they create a style and enhance the video clip. They use such camera movements that it emphasizes the dance moves or the movements of the K-pop band members. They even use the subtle movements to create creative transitions. And with this I don’t mean the usual wipe or zoom transitions.


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1 thought on “Camera Tricks from Music Video BLACKPINK”

  1. Hi, very interesting video. Have you even any LUTS which help create the look of KPOP videos? I know lighting is critical, but I would love to learn more about making the colors ‘pop’, especially the red color.


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