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13 Tripod Tips You Need to Know

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Cinematography & Filmmaking

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Professional tripod tips that every filmmaker needs to know. We explain how you can correctly use a tripod and how to take your tripod skills to the next level.

It’s another week and that means new videos! But this week Lorenzo is on a holiday so we are again with two. But don’t worry, we are still going to blow your mind with some awesome pro tips for using a Tripod. You probably saw our previous Tripod videos, because we love to do crazy stuff with tripods. But if not, definitely check out those videos. However this video is not the same as our other Tripod videos. This time we are not going to show crazy movements or uses for a tripod. Now we are going to give you some tips on how you can use your tripod like a professional.

We came up with the idea for pro tripod tips when searching for a Copy Cat trend yesterday. We were watching the new song from DJ Khaled with Justin Bieber and some rappers. And while watching the video we noticed that DJ Khaled was doing some strange things with his camera and tripod. This gave us the idea to make a video about how to use your tripod professionally. We came up with 11 tips that can really help you out with your tripod skills.

Dj Khaled being a camera man

A tip from the video that helped me the most is the pan/tilt tip. Here you have to hang 9 papers with numbers in a square with rows of 3. Then you position your camera on a tripod in front of the numbers and let someone call out numbers randomly. You have to pan or tilt to that number, maybe even focus pull and do this all as smooth as you can. This exercise really helped me with my camera movements and also helped me getting used to the tripod.


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2 thoughts on “13 Tripod Tips You Need to Know”

  1. Awesome stuff as always. I have one good trick that has helped me a lot. I film seminars a lot with people walking from side to side on a stage…stopping…then walking back. Anyway, with my main camera a keep the tightness a little loose and use an elastic band to pull the pan. It is sort of works like the easy -ease in adobe premiere. just slows it into a nice pan and then slops it with a nice easy stop. Basically it smooths out my pans quite a lot. It also makes it more fun.


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