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5 Tips for Beginner Filmmakers with Marina Bruno

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Cinematography & Filmmaking

Beginner, collaboration, Filmmaking

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Making a a feature film or short film? In this video we invited Marina Bruno from Wondering Pictures to share 5 tips for beginning filmmakers.

Starting with film making isn’t easy and you will run into a lot of roadblocks down the road. Throughout the years you’ll learn your own way of film making and handling projects. But to help you get started, we invited Marina Bruno. She is a filmmaker from Canada who made multiple short movies and featured films. In this tutorial video she gives 5 tips for beginning filmmakers and we add our own experience to her tips.

With technology getting less expensive and more accessible it’s perfectly possible for anyone to start with a film making career. You have powerful cameras, who can deliver cinematic footage, for a low budget and with Youtube at your disposal, the whole world is your audience! So now is the perfect time to start with your film making dream. However don’t underestimate it, if you want to succeed and create stunning movies, it requires hard work and a great passion.

The best way to start is by taking your camera and getting out making simple films. Create a simple scenario, where you can experiment with framing, movements, light and so on. Try to be as creative as you can and don’t be afraid to fail! It’s better to try and fail, so you can learn from it and do better next time. Learning from books and the internet is also a perfect added bonus. If you combine this with really filming and trying out what you learned, you’ll be creating professional videos in no time.

So pick up your camera and start exploring the film making world.

Marina Bruno (Wondering Pictures)

Follow Marina Bruno on Youtube where she shares her experience in all kinds of tips and tricks video for filmmakers. You can watch her film at the Wondering Pictures Youtube channel. Or stay in touch with her at Instagram!


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