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5 Ways to Learn Filmmaking Faster

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Cinematography & Filmmaking

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Learn filmmaking the fastest way with these 5 tips and tricks for starters. Start with the basics of camera, lighting, cinematography and more.

Online Film School

I’ve been to film school (LUCA Brussels), but looking back on my experience I wouldn’t recommend it. I’m can’t speak for other film schools of course, but the one I went to was disappointing. I was taught a lot of theory which in the real world has no use.

If you want to learn filmmaking; I think that there are better options available online. Whether these are YouTube tutorials or premium courses. Everything you need to know is on the web!

The Film School Roadmap

If you’re going to learn filmmaking by yourself, it’s recommended to plan your journey ahead. Setup targets and deadlines.

As mentioned in the video above, you can download a free PDF with all the competences that you need to learn.

After signing up and confirming your subscription, you’ll be prompted with a download button.

How to Practice Filmmaking

I think it’s pretty obvious that you need to practice a lot to learn a new skill. But I also know how hard it can be to know what to practice for. Like with anything, take it step by step. Focus on camera techniques first before you get into lighting or audio.

You’ll feel less overwhelmed and more accomplished after you finish each new competence.

Filmmaking is a very broad skill. It’s okay not to know everything. Once you understand the basics, you’ll most likely specialize in one of the skills. For me (Jordy) that was cinematography. Yannick and Lorenzo are focusing more on VFX. And Timo, he loves to shoot and edit!


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20 thoughts on “5 Ways to Learn Filmmaking Faster”

  1. Okay so I’m in South Africa, and here filmmaking is underrated, meaning even the schools here are whack, thank you guys I learned a lot for the past 4 years, glad I bumped into this channel those years ago

  2. you guys made me somebody in film-making here in Africa, Rwanda . i appreciate “like always stay creative”

  3. Thank you
    All the way from Nigeria
    My film making experience has gotten ALOT! better since I started following you guys up..
    Thanks alot.
    God bless

    • From Nigeria too, these guys have shaped a huge part of my filmmaking journey too. Thanks guys, God bless!

  4. Got a lot of useful tips in Video editing from your Youtube channel and I am now taking your after effects essential in skillshare. Dream of becoming as good as Jordy when it comes to editing. Thanks, Cinecom!

  5. Thanks! I teach high school video tech classes and this is awesome and for the past several years my classes adore you and your crew! Thanks for keeping most things school-appropriate!

  6. Thanks cinecom, I’ve been watching cinecom for 3years, and I learned most of the editing and so on from cinecom, so thank you so much ❤️.

  7. I love it, I am a new filmmaker and I love your tips. I have no formal film school experience so I follow your tips. Thank you


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