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how to make a diss track music video

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Cinematography & Filmmaking

diss track, Lighting, Music Video

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W2S, KSI, Logan/Jake Paul and more Youtubers are taking over the internet with Diss Tracks. We break their Music Videos Down and show how it’s done!

We can’t look around it, Diss Tracks are popular! Not everyone is a big fan of this phenomenon and I could see why. But looking at it from a film making perspective, it’s actually pretty cool 🙂

It are the type of music videos where the Premiere Pro trends come together. Thinking about the glitch and distortion effects, fake camera movement and heavy color grading. I believe any Youtube creator in our field has at least made one tutorial about these topics.

So for this tutorial, we’ll focus on the global picture and show you guys how to make a diss track or rap music video from the beat and lyrics to the final effects in post-production.


No need to spend hours on glitch and earth quake effects anymore! If it’s not from us, someone else has probably made some presets. You can find our Glitch and Distortion presets here. Simply follow the tutorial attached and you’ve got some crazy music video effects in one click!

Voice Recording

We’re definitely no professionals when it comes down to recording. But many things can already be fixed by paying attention there’s not too much reverb in the room and that you’re using a microphone with a windshield. We’ve designed a simple recording studio with insulation panels. It works great and is pretty cheap.

Smoke Machine

Like mentioned in the video, a smoke or fog machine works great in a music video. The one we use is very cheap and was also featured in our top 5 list of film gear under $50. We also have a list of gadgets under $10.

Radium – Anamorphic Flares

We’re very happy to give away several samples from their Radium Pack! A nice way to test out the cinematic flares and for 120 more you can take this discount coupon!

Johnny September

Special thanks to Johnny September for letting us pick out of of his beats for this video! It’s very important you ask permission to the creator of any beat you find on the internet as you’re modifying their songs by putting lyrics on it!

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3 thoughts on “how to make a diss track music video”

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