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Hollywood RED VS iPhone12 Pro Max: Real life Comparison

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Cinematography & Filmmaking

Camera Comparison, iPhone, iPhone 12 Pro Max Vs RED

Video comparison between the iPhone 12 Pro Max and a Hollywood Cinema Camera, the RED Gemini. Real life test as we shoot a coffee promo video with both cameras.

What makes the iPhone so Special?

What really separates the iPhone 12 Pro from all the rest, even the RED Cinema camera, is the LiDAR Scanner. This is a technology that NASA is developing for their Mars missions and allows to create Depth maps in nanoseconds.

How does it work? Well the scanner will measures how long it takes light to reflect back from objects. So it can create a depth map of any space you are in. And now you are thinking, but why do we need this? Well it has a lot of possibilities in the filmmaking world.

One of those is an animated 3D scan of your face. The LiDAR scanner will create an accurate scan and the motion you are adding. You can then easily use it on a 3D model you have, just like we did in our own Copy Cat video about 3D. Making your life super easy.

Moves Maxon
Lorenzo Capturing Motion with the iPhone 12 Pro (Moves by Maxon)

How I would use the iPhone 12 pro

Of course like I said, I would definitely use it for the LiDAR scanner and 3D work. But another thing that makes the iPhone special for me is the fact that you can record in a 10 bit color depth. So you can already here me coming, this phone is perfect for Special effects. With the 10 bit, green keying will go so much easier and cleaner.

So in fact this smartphone is a VFX camera in your own pocket. Combine all this with the FilMiC Pro App and you can even come close to a Cinema Camera. And this really blew my mind. Like Jordy says in his video, I first thought that I was looking at RED footage but I was wrong, it was the iPhone Pro footage. Man did I look Silly.

RED Gemini Vs iPhone 10 Pro Comparison
RED Gemini Vs iPhone 10 Pro Comparison

Spiff-y Gear LEDs

In this video we used the KYU-6 wearable cine-lights . It is amazingly compact, featherlight, and packed with features. You have two versions of this light, a Bi-Color and RGB version. Making it ideal for photographers and filmmakers alike with its versatility.

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