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Rotation Effect from Billie Eilish – Bury a Friend

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Cinematography & Filmmaking

Adobe Premiere Pro, Billie Eilish, Camera Movements, camera rig, Green Screen, Masking

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We are recreating 3 cinematic effects from the music video ‘Bury a Friend’ by Billie Eilish. In this filmmaking tutorial we’re looking at the rotation, floating and lighting effects using Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects.

It’s time for another Copy Cat Friday, but even better, it’s time to recreate another Billie Eilish video. Last week she brought out a video called “Bury a friend”. And let me say that it’s quite a scary and trippy music video. From being injected with black fluids through syringes to several hands pulling her down into different scenes. You can say they went for creating a strange atmosphere. But we are glad they did, because there are a few cool effects we can recreate.

In the last Billie Eilish video we made a small mistake, by pronouncing her name wrong. And ooh boy did hear about it. It’s one of our most commented videos and most of them are about her name. It even went so far that they threatened us. But lucky we learn from our mistakes. So this time we will say it correctly, when we are not joking about it of course.

Now the effect that we are recreating is the 360 degree roll where her whole body and camera roll. We tried to find an easy way without much effort. We really did some research and brainstorming and we came to the conclusion that it was impossible to do without a rig. First we had a complex rigging with a chair and a lot of wood. But we found some complications here. So we simplified it and decided to use a green screen in combination with a small rig. This is because you need to rotate yourself and the camera 360 degrees. And without your hair falling down when your upside down, it’s not really realistic.

Billie Eilish 360 Camera Roll
Billie Eilish in Bury a Friend

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