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5 Tips for Selling a Corporate Film or Video Commercial

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Making a corporate film is a nice way to earn money while making videos. But how to convince a potential client and sell that corporate film?

Our company name, Cinecom, stands for Cinema Communication. Which means we create films that communicates a commercial message, such as a corporate film or video advertisement. Coming from the film school, our biggest challenge was to convince a potential client to work with us. We would try everything, spend so much time and effort to get the project. But for unknown reasons the client would often chose for a different party.

Soon we realized we needed to be sales minded, something we didn’t had experience with. Luckily there are enough workshops and online documentation to learn that craft. With trail and error we learned from our mistakes and bundled 5 tips from our experience.

I’ve always had an ethical problem with selling something. I was usually too honest, which not always lead to something better. Businesses need to be guided. They need a salesperson that takes a leading role. If you don’t take that role, that potential client might go with someone else.

This doesn’t mean you have to fool a client, but rather decide for them what they should go with. If you believe raising their corporate film budget would be beneficial for the corporation, then you should try and convince them. The difference between an ethical salesperson is that they will genuine help a customer as where a hard-seller would just try to make the most money.

A while back I sat together with a client that had $1500 for a corporate film. After listening to their story I told them to reduce the production cost and stay within $1000. They woul then have $500 over to use that on advertising services like Adwords or Facebook. Not only they appreciated my advice, but they also came back for another video. Taking the role of a helping saleman, they felt I cared for their business instead of just getting the project and being payed.

Making corporate films is a great way to earn some money while chasing your dreams. Anyone can start doing this!


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