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this changed my life forever – 2017 REWIND

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2017, Cinecom, rewind

2017 has been one crazy ride. I made choices that would effect the rest of my life, but I don’t regret anything! This is a story of the growth of our Youtube channel and everyone involved.

We didn’t saw this coming

A few weeks ago we published a video where we asked everyone to send in a video that was inspired by Cinecom. We through to receive a couple submission, but not over 150! Downloading and organizing already took us several hours, not to mention the editing which took several days.

But it was all worth it! As a creator you just upload content and read comments, but you don’t see so often what the community actually does with the content. Seeing all these videos with camera tricks and editing techniques that were inspired by us was unbelievable. These last couple of days was such an enjoyment and it felt so great. Thank you everyone for the submissions!

Thank You

What made our channel so successful in 2017 is not because of me and Yannick. We’re just a piece of the chain. Behind Cinecom there’re quite a few people and organisations involved to make this happen. Let’s start off with Jeff Lalier, I can’t thank him enough. He joined the team as our advertising manager on the 1th of January in 2017. While our channel was actually too small for proper advertising, he believed in us and brought us in contact with Videoblocks, Premiumbeat, Rocketstock and Macgroup.

This made it possible that we could spend our full time on Youtube and use a budget for services like subtitles which Luciano Orlievsky does for us. As of 2018 he’s also going to provide Spanish subtitles.

Furthermore there’s Aputure, iFootage, Andyax, Cinematography Database, Shane Hurlbut, Filmpower, No Film School, Premiere Bro, 4K Shooters, DIY photography, fstoppers, Mitch Aunger (Planet5D), Skillshare, Squarespace, Adobe, Gert Gybels (Fusemedia) Chris (from Youtube), Ellen Paumen (job-student), Rode, Nicolas DeRudder & Carl Vanderhulst (drone pilots) and I’m probably forgetting a couple more (sorry).

Cinecom and Anyax
Cinecom and Andyax at IBC 2017

Even in this video Premiumbeat supported us again by proving two awesome songs; Dreamer and All the Family.

My Family

My family needs their own heading. First of all Kim, my girlfriend. She has stood by me since the very beginning of the channel, back when I sporadically uploaded a video. Every time I needed some help, she’s there for me!

And then there’re my parents, who I perfectly understand that they might be a little scared in what I all do.. But that doesn’t stop them from helping me out on a daily base! So thank you mom and dad 🙂

Kelvin Harris Feels Tutorial
Making a tutorial about the color effects from Kelvin Harris – Feels


We already have some big things planned for 2018. In January we’ll kick it off with a collaboration with Intel and MSI.

Our main focus in 2018 will also be to connect better with the community. Posting regular on Instagram and Facebook, getting in personal touch, helping out and collaborating more. Cinecom is more than just a Tuesday and Friday video, we want to be an active organisation that entertains and helps people out around the globe for every single day of the year!

Youtube Space
Meeting up with other Creators at Youtube Space

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