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a choice that has changed my life

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New studio, The big Move, Vlog

The past week was crazy! We tare down the old studio and moved everything to the new headquarters of Cinecom. Enjoy the vlog!

Moving is always a big decision. From choosing a new job, house or workplace location, you will always encounter some roadblocks. But the satisfaction and joy you’ll get when you accomplishing your goals en destination will make it all worth it. In this Vlog we show you how we moved from our first workplace to our new studio, breaking down the green screen studio and all the emotions that come with the new change.

For me moving to the new location was more a happy hello then a sad goodbye. I’m only working at Cinecom for 7 months now and okay, I was getting used to the old location. But the potential of the new location made me all giggly inside! I felt like I was a kid in a candy-shop. I can understand that it was quite different for Jordy, he was leaving behind the place where it all began, where he started Cinecom. He didn’t really showed signs of sadness, but I think that was manly because of his excitement of building a massive studio and realizing his dreams.

Apart of all the fun things to come, a move brings more then just joy with it. When I see Jordy arranging everything for the build of the studios and the stress that comes along with it. I’m glad that I don’t have to do it. I of course want to help him with it to relieve some workload, but it would only give more work and stress.

But fortunately i’m good with my hands and can help with the more physical work, like the move itself and breaking the greenscreen studio down. Which was by the way a very stressful job. Like you probably saw in the tutorial, a lot of velcro was present in the old studio and the weren’t that complaisant. But a lick of paint can work miracles!

Now we are fully moved and installed, but there is still a lot to be done here. We have our desks and computers, so we can work. Except we can’t film yet due to the echo in the building. Once the echo is treated we can start with making out of this world Youtube video’s for you.

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