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5 Tips for Editing an After Movie / event video

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Video Editing

5 Tips and tricks, After Movie, editing

How to edit an After Movie? We’re sharing 5 tips to keep your audience interested and create a dynamic edited Event Film!

Different factors such as cutting, motion, special effects and music determine the dynamic and punch of a after movie. If you want to create a movie that captures the atmosphere and feeling from the event, you’ll need to find the perfect combination between these factors. In this tutorial we will explain how we create our after movies and will give tips about creating your perfect after movie.

Very important when starting with an after movie is knowing what your are going to be creating. Before you start filming random shots at your event, first think about what your are trying to tell. What is the story of the event? What makes it special and what will make it special on camera? Try to imagine your finished version, this way you’ll roughly know what shots you’ll need to make. Also when creating this prototype story in your head, think about having a beginning, middle and end. Every movie had a structure, so do the same for your after movie.

Out of my own experience, i recommend to take time when choosing your music. If your music isn’t good, to slow, to repetitive,… it will make your after movie less powerful and maybe even boring! So carefully search for the perfect song and don’t be satisfied to fast. I found out when looking for a good after movie song, you need to look for emotions. The song needs to captivate you, take you on a roller-coaster of emotions. Try to look for a song with a mysterious intro that builds up to a uplifting beat, that isn’t repetitive. When you have a song with a lot of different elements and changes it makes it easier to create a dynamic and awesome edit with your footage.

A tip for improving you workflow is knowing your software. Try to use as many short cuts and presets as possible, they will make your editing a whole lot easier and more fun. This will increases your editing speed and will also improve the quality of your movies. You can perfectly create your own presets, by saving a effect your created or change the already existing shortcut to your needs. For more information you can always check out our tutorial about faster editing.

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Download the song from the tutorial ► A man without fear

3 thoughts on “5 Tips for Editing an After Movie / event video”

  1. movie making is my passion .for the last three years I have been trying it. I think the background music impacts more on the audience. so it should be chosen carefully.

  2. My best friend is really into movie making, and he wants to do it professionally in the future. I appreciate your advice to take your time choosing (or even composing) music for your movie. I also think that the music can make or break the film, and that it shouldn’t be repetitive.

  3. I totally agree with what you said about taking time to carefully choose the music when doing post-production editing of a movie. It is recommended that you carefully select which type of song is best for a particular scene in the movie. You may want to play with the character’s emotions which the audience can also relate to. This way, the movie would be able to deliver an excellent performance that will be remembered for a long time. If I were to do my own post-production movie editing, I would make sure to keep this in mind. Thanks.


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