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How to EDIT BETTER: 5 Tips with Music

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Video Editing

Instant better videos with these 5 simple tips for editing music in your video. Learn how to perform easy edits like the J and L cut, sudden breaks and organic music.

Adding music to your videos is great, it sets an instant mood which already ads a lot more atmosphere to the story. It is however not so simple to make the music become part of your edit, that’s why we’re sharing 5 simple tips for you in the video above.

To make it yourself easier, look for a dynamic song. A track with many variations, beats, speed changes, perhaps vocals, etcetera. That gives you a lot more to play with in editing. Ambient or background music is something I would always avoid as you can’t do anything with those songs.

When I started out as a filmmaker, I had much trouble finding the right music for my work. I would always look for music that I liked, which is sixties rock or Sigur Rós. Sometimes I would find a good track, but most of the time my music did not fit with my project or I was looking for days.

I can’t remember yet which video it was, but there was this after movie that opened my eyes. It was edited so well and it came to my mind that the music guided the editing. I enjoyed the video so much, although I hated the music. It was dance music with a strong beat, something I would avoid to listen.

But there’s a big difference in listening to music while you’re driving or making a video. I started to listen to the details; creative strings, repetitive beats, vocals,.. things I could use to cut my music on. Some of the projects that I edited with electronic dub-step dance (whatever it’s called), I liked so much I would even play them in my car. It reminded me every time about the great shoot I had. As of that time, I started appreciating every music genre and it has been so positive for my film projects.


We’re again very grateful that Premiumbeat is sponsoring us to help produce to episode. They provided the beautiful song Famous by Reaktor Productions. To find out more about their music library and mobile app, make sure to visit Premiumbeat.com

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