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17 Must Know Shortcuts in After Effects

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Adobe After Effects Tutorials

Adobe After Effects, After effects course, essential, must know, nvidia, Shortcuts, Shortkeys, skillshare

Learn how to use 17 essential and must know shortcuts in Adobe After Effects. These shortkeys will speed up your video editing workflow.

Man oh man, it was a super busy few weeks. We made an After Effects beginner course, were we explain in detail how it works. It starts from creating a sequence and importing files to setting your hand on fire. We tried to really provide a base for your After Effects career. And who knows, for our future advanced After Effects course. If you are wondering where you can see this awesome course. Well, it’s available on Skillshare and if you follow our link, you can get the first two months for free. So what are you waiting for?

Because we did this After effects course, we thought it would be great to link it with a video on our Cinecom YouTube channel. That’s why we decided to make a must know shortcut video. We notice from personal experience, that shortcuts are essential for a fast workflow. If you need to search for everything and then click on it, you lose time. But shortcuts make you save time and I can’t imagine a editing life without them. Of course you can set you own shortcuts in After Effects or even Premiere Pro. But in this video we show you shortcuts that already exist and you really must know.

Cat using Shortcuts

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