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3D Text Effect from NigaHiga’s “Exposed” (After Effects)

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Adobe After Effects Tutorials

3d camera track, 3d text effect, After Effects, Masking, youtuber

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Recreate the 3D text effect from Nigahiga’s music video, Exposed. 3D track your camera movement with Adobe After Effects and add floating texts in this tutorial video.

As you know we are huge Premiere Pro fans. We try to do everything with it. Even stuff that isn’t meant to be made in Premiere Pro. We really like to take the software to it’s limits and test ourselves how far we can go.But we also try to recreate everything in such a way so that everyone can follow along. And that’s what Copy Cat is all about, making cool effects in a simple and easy way for everyone.

However sometimes it’s impossible to create an effect in Premiere Pro. And then it’s time to go to After Effects. Most of the time we need to do this when the effects requires tracking. Like in this text effect, we need to track to movement of the camera. Which can easily be done in the tracker function of After Effects. We recently made an After Effects course for beginners, were we explain this function from scratch. So if you want to learn everything from the basics, definitely check out the course. But in this tutorial video we go a little bit further and take it a step further with some extra effects.


The Effect that we are recreating is from the new diss track by Nigahiga. It’s a YouTube channel created by Ryan Higa in 2006. It was one of the first channels to reach 3 million subscribers. And it’s still going strong at the moment, with 21 million subscribers. With comedy as the main theme of the channel, he often creates fake trailers for movies or games, but also parodies from songs or other content. And with this parodies from songs, he scored two big hits. He decided to create a K-pop band with 4 others, named BgA (Boys Generally Asian). With this K-pop band they made two songs, which both were a hit and on top of the K-pop charts.

Ryan Higa from Nigahiga

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This video was supported by Storyblocks Video, an easy to use site full of stock footage, After Effects templates, backgrounds, motion Graphics and much more.

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