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5 keying Tricks WITHOUT Greenscreen (After Effects)

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Adobe After Effects Tutorials

keying techniques, Premiere pro tutorial

5 Easy keying tricks in Adobe After Effects without using a greenscreen. Learn how to remove different backgrounds.

Keying, everybody has done it or has tried it. Because let’s admit it, keying is super hard. In this tutorial we will show you how to key your footage in a non traditional way.  We will cover 5 different techniques besides Green keying. But maybe I can give you my own personal experience tips about green keying. Because let’s admit green keying is quite essential when doing special effects.

Pulling off a great green key is not just something you do with one simple click. There are a lot of things you need to consider before you can come close to a perfect key. First thing is the color of the green you are using. This needs to be a darker green, a light green can have to much yellow and this can be a problem. Because yellow is also in your skin-tones and will make the key super hard. Next is the lighting on the green screen, this needs to be soft and the exposure needs to be the same over the entire screen.

Then the problem we have the most, green spill on our talent. If you place you talent to close to the green screen, it will reflect on your talent giving him or her a green spill. This can be easily fixed by placing your talent further away from the screen. And the last tip I have is try to film in the highest resolution possible and if your camera allows it, shoot in 10 bit. This will also make the keying easier because your footage will have a wider color range.

Green key Doctor Who
Doctor Who Dancing in a Greenscreen Studio

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