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Tenet inspired Time Reverse Effect in Premiere Pro

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Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials

Kevin Parry, Premiere pro tutorial, Tenet, time reverse

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Learn how to Reverse Time inside Adobe Premiere Pro. In this tutorial you’ll learn how to use the Speed & Duration option, Speed Ramping and much more.

Tenet Is Here!

It’s been (and is still) a crazy year for the film industry. A lot of films have suffered HUGE delays and others have moved the release date for months. Even Tenet had its release moved from July 17 to August 26. If you want to see the full list of movies effected you can see it right here.

Even though Tenet had a release delay it still is a big hit. Currently it crossed $250 million in the box office and will continue to grow Warner Bros assume. They referred to this movie as a marathon, not a sprint. Meaning that because of the pandemic people will come back slowly to the theaters. And also because it won’t have any big competitors currently running at the same time.

Kevin Parry inspiration

If you have been active on Instagram you probably saw this video already of Kevin Parry. Here he turns back time to fix the mistake he made.

Kevin Parry Tenet Effect
Kevin Parry time revers effect

This video inspired together with the hype around Tenet inspired us to create one ourselves. We know our effect isn’t following rules 100% of how it work in the movie but we believe this is a good take on the whole time reverse idea, just like Kevin did in his.

Storyblocks video

This video was sponsored by Storyblocks. It’s an enormous online library full of high quality HD and 4K stock clips, After Effects templates, collections and much more. We use the library on a weekly base to download overlay effects, like smoke, dust particles, flares,… You can download an unlimited amount of clips for only one price per year so it’s super useful to have.

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