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Editing Magic: A Ball Illusion (by Kevin Parry)

Published on

Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials

Editing Magic, Kevin Parry, premiere pro

Recreate the viral magic trick of Kevin Parry’s ball illusion. Learn how to create editing magic in this Adobe Premiere Pro tutorial.

Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to Copy Cat Friday. The most unoriginal Show ever, because we copy everything. In this week’s show we copy something that was already explained! You are probably thinking why this episode then? Well we are doing a Copy Cat about Kevin Parry his new video, a magic trick with a ball. In his video he explains his setup and the idea behind the trick. But he doesn’t tell us how he does in in post production. So we thought, let’s do a simplified version and explain how it’s done in premiere.

But to be honest, our effect doesn’t come even close to his effect. We were amazed by the quality and smooth transition! Half way our project we even doubted if we could pull it off. In his vlog he tells us that he worked 5 days on it. And we can really understand why. He did extensive masking on multiple subjects so you definitely won’t see any transitions or changes between the ball. He even masked out his fingers, so he could adjust them separately. So Kevin Parry, if you are reading this, I tip my magic hat to you! Really nice job and keep amazing us!

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