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5 things you can do with Rotoscope (After Effects Tutorial)

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Adobe After Effects Tutorials

rotobrush, rotoscope, Rotoscoping

Learn how to use the rotoscope tool in Adobe After Effects and create 5 easy visual effects in this After Effects tutorial video.

Rotoscoping in Adobe After Effects

Ever since Adobe released their 2.0 version of the rotoscoping tool in After Effects, it has been our favorite to work with. It’s astonishing how well the tracker can follow the subject you’re trying to rotoscope.

It’s not only very accurate, but it also very fast for its capabilities. This is why we can use more often to create fun visual effects with. And that’s why I wanted to brainstorm about 5 things we can do with the rotobrush.

Rotoscope in Adobe After Effects
Rotoscoping in Adobe After Effects

Masking and Tracking

Rotoscoping is nothing more than masking out your subject and tracking its movement. We just get a bunch of more option to finetune the edge instead of only feathering it.

For instance, there’s a useful hair tool which will drastically improve keying out thin lines. It could leave some flickering behind, so only use it on hair.

Hair Brush for Rotoscoping in Adobe After Effects
Hair Brush for Rotoscoping in Adobe After Effects


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